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Catherine Kaufer

Save Your Home Program

Know your Options, Create a Solution That’s Best For You!!

Get Your Confidential “HOME RESCUE PLAN”



Avoid Foreclosure by lowering your Mortgage payment or selling your home (even if you own more than it’s Worth)!

Get Your Confidential “HOME RESCUE PLAN”

Your plan will include:

  1. One-page checklist of your options comparing all the pros and cons.
  2. In-person or over-the-phone review of your options.
  3. A personalized “Plan of Action” so you know each step to take.
  4. FREE BONUS #1: Free Credit Report (a $75 value). Understand exactly how your credit rating affects your ability to refinance.
  5. FREE BONUE#2: Free Home Value Analysis (a $250 value). I’ll come over to your home and provide a free and accurate estimate of your home’s current value. This is very different from getting home prices from an online search and will help you make a decision about your home based on solid facts instead of broad averages.